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    about cartell

    founded in 1994, cartell chemical co., ltd. is one of the world leading cyanoacrylate manufacturers for consumer and industrial markets.
    founder: mr. michael chen
    company establishment: 1994
    main products: instant adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, medical glue, nail & eyelash glue, uv glue, acrylic structure glue, etc.
    production capacity:

    2000 tons/year

    science and technology/
    our r&d team specializes in the research and development of special functional solvent-free adhesives and designs a more convenient, safer container for consumers to choose from.

    our design team has an endless stream of creative and professional capabilities.
    we will continue to focus on new product development and more affordable packaging solutions.
  • ideas & vision

    ‧adhesive expert.
    ‧continuous product innovation and quality improvement.
    ‧vibrant, clean and responsible honest culture.
    ‧caring for society and giving back to society.
    ‧based on taiwan, looking at the world.

    quality & environmental policy

    quality policy/

    environmental policy/
    ‧commit government regulation and agree government organization.
    ‧continue to improve and prevent pollution of the environment.
    ‧participate in environmental protection implement.

    conflict minerals policy

    global citizen; no conflict minerals.

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