specialty purpose cyanoacrylate adhesive -凯发备用

the mxbon series also addresses bonding needs in challenging high-temperature and high-humidity environments.


it is suitable for industrial
applications in thermal motors, automobile engines, waterproof decorative strips, filters, electric furnaces, ovens, and loudspeakers, as well as in
the electronics industry for assembly and bonding in products like disk drives, high-speed precision motors, and circuit boards.


  • 21382

    high viscosity, high strength, pcb jumper wire fixing

    can be used for 0.2mm gap filling temperature resistance up to 100°c.

    used in conjunction with mxbon accelerator for pcb wire jumper bonding.

    used in conjunction with mxbon accelerator for thermocouple temperature wire bonding.

  • 21402

    medium viscosity, high strength, resistance to high temperature 135°c

    transparent and rapid curing, compatible with most plastics.

    ideal for long-term high-temperature environments, heat-resistant up to 135°c.

    excellent moisture resistance and anti-aging properties.

    particularly effective for bonding metal to rubber and high-temperature plastics like pc-abs, nylon in assembly.

  • 21417

    low viscosity, transparent, low strength, temporary fixing

    specifically targeted for temporary adhesion applications between metal and glass.

    suitable for applications requiring minimal bonding strength.

    bonded parts can be separated by soaking in solvent or heating.

  • 21418

    black, high viscosity, heat resistant to 107℃, rubber toughened, metal bonding

    heat and humidity-resistant, shock and vibration resistant, highly flexible.

    excellent impact strength, peel strength, and high shear strength.

    especially suitable for adhesion between metal rubber, and plastic.

  • 21498

    medium viscosity, heat resistant circulation

    intermittent temperature resistance and heat cycle resistance up to 100°c.

    excellent moisture resistance and aging resistance.

    especially suitable for the adhesion between metal, plastic, and rubber.

  • 22425

    blue, low viscosity, for electronic product plastic screws, low odor, low blooming

    blue, low strength screw locking agent.

    suitable for fasteners paired with metal and plastic.

    ideal for securing screw fastenings in electronic products.

    suitable for tamper-proofing and marking electronic components.

  • 22507

    medium to low viscosity, high strength, resistant to 100°c high temperature, low odor, low blooming

    transparent and colorless, with good sealing properties.

    flexible, able to buffer stress deformation of substrates.

    particularly suitable for bonding tpe thermoplastic elastomer hoses to rigid plastics.

    medium-strength bonding achievable with inactive and low surface energy materials.

technical information

item no. appearance viscosity
shear strength
n/m㎡ (psi)
range (℃)
(shore d) fixture time (sec)
ms al abs pc nbr
21382 transparent 3,500-8,500 30
-54℃-100℃ 150℃ d 85 <20 <25 <30 <20 <10
21402 transparent 500-800 28
-54℃-135℃ 120℃ d 85 <60 <60 <10 <60 <10
21417 colorless to yellowish colored liquid 3-8 3
-54℃-100℃ 150℃ d 70 - - - - -
21418 black 1,500-4,000 22
-54℃-107℃ 120℃ d 55 <120 <40 <60 <90 <30
21498 clear to slightly cloudy gel 400-600 26
-54℃-100℃ 150℃ d 84 <25 <20 <15 <20 <10
22425 transparent, dark violet colored liquid 250-450 na -54℃-100℃ 150℃ d 82 <5 <5 <5 <10 <15
22507 transparent 200-300 24
-54℃-100℃ 150℃ d 74 <5 <5 <5 <10 <15
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