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cartell chemical co., ltd. is specialized in cyanoacrylate technology in both consumer and industrial market.  we start from the process of manufacturing the cyanoacrylate adhesive monomer, formulation of the product, repackaging to innovative packaging designs, to meet the requirement of today's changing market.  

being a leading cyanoacrylate technology company, cartell chemical invest heavily in the research and development of new manufacturing process.  the novel technology consumes much less energy, waste and brings the chemical conversion to a level where traditional process is limited.  this new process also enables us to access monomers where traditional process is unable to achieve.  it opens new areas for cyanoacrylate technology and new potential market application.  

not only did we focus in the manufacturing and formulation of the chemical, cartell chemical is also a leading cyanoacrylate packaging design expert.  we provide packaging technology which is utilized by major brands in the market and offers turn key solution in new packaging designs.  cartell chemical has transformed from an oem provider to odm solution center.

the future of cyanoacrylate adhesives – low odor low blooming

since our inception in 1993, cartell has been focusing on technology advancement of monomer production. over the years, the main stream monomer in both consumer and industrial markets has been the traditional ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, due to its availability and well-established research data in formulations. while other cyanoacrylate adhesives with different functional groups are less practical because of the cost and the challenges in the manufacturing process.

with the aim to transform the company, cartell group obtained a new “crackless” process for the synthesis of different cyanoacrylate monomers through research and development. this new method utilizes much lower temperatures and the reaction takes place in a simple aqueous solution, allowing us to create functional cyanoacrylate monomers with much higher yield, which is where the traditional process falls short.

intensive research efforts have been injected into the formulation project to create products for many different applications. however, methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate, a.k.a. meca, has been chosen by cartell as the main product to be produced using the new technology. meca enjoys the benefits of low odor, low blooming, flexibility, and fast setting times, which are ideal for both consumer and industrial markets. not only does the meca enjoy additional benefits in physical performance, it is also more user and environmentally friendly. cartell is a company with a full reach registration to comply with the european regulations.

today cartell provides meca products with comparable performances to the conventional ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate products while also enjoying the additional benefits mentioned above. this opens new doors to today's adhesive market where innovation and sustainability are the key issues to be addressed. 

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