unveiling the fascinating history of mxbon 北回化學-凯发备用

the first phase

entrepreneurial growth

  • founding of the company

    official opening of the zhongzheng factory
  • joined the national chung cheng university incubation center

  • cheng gong factory officially commenced operations

  • awarded the 4th little giant award by the ministry of economic affairs

  • successfully developed a specialized adhesive for medical equipment.

    groundbreaking of the new administrative building
  • the third zhongzheng factory was inaugurated, designated for storage purposes

the second phase

overseas expansion

  • cheng gong factory's administrative building opened

    received the outstanding contribution award from the cslt
  • establishment of cartell chemical’s uk branch, cartell uk

  • establishment of cartell chemical’s us branch

  • establishment of cartell chemical’s thailand branch, thai bond

  • establishment of cartell chemical’s india branch, sav

the third phase

industrial upgrading

  • collaboration with spain's afinitica for the development of new non-cracking, solvent-free adhesive processes

  • joint venture with bostik to establish l.l.co. for the mass production of consumer-grade photocurable adhesive

  • establishment of yuhong (china) and mxsun (taiwan) branches, specializing in mxbon industrial adhesives

    launch of the new ca production process and facility
  • cartell chemical co., ltd. announced a joint venture with bostik, a subsidiary of the french arkema group, to establish crackless monomer co., ltd.

    collaboratively with arkema group's subsidiaries, afinitica and bostik, research and development centers were simultaneously established in barcelona, spain, paris, france, and taiwan.

the fourth phase

product diversity

  • launch of the mxbon industrial five-digit adhesive series, focusing on providing superior bonding solutions. introduction of light cure ca, low blooming ca, and anaerobic adhesives

  • 2022: accelerated the third phase of product upgrades, introducing new structural adhesives

  • launch of the "mxbon hobby mate" series of adhesives, specifically developed for the model market