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technological innovation

cartell chemical co., ltd. specializes in cyanoacrylate technology for consumer and industrial markets. our journey begins with the manufacturing process of cyanoacrylate adhesive monomers, extending through product formulation, to re-packaging into innovative designs, all tailored to meet the ever-evolving market demands.

as a leading company in cyanoacrylate technology, cartell chemical co., ltd. has heavily invested in the research and development of new production processes. these new technologies consume less energy, reduce waste, and enable chemical transformations that surpass the capabilities of traditional processes. this groundbreaking method also allows us to obtain monomers that are unachievable through conventional means, opening new realms in cyanoacrylate technology and potential market applications.

cartell chemical co., ltd. is not only focused on the production and formulation of chemicals but is also a frontrunner in cyanoacrylate packaging design. we provide packaging technologies used by major brands in the market and offer a one-stop comprehensive solution for new packaging designs. cartell chemical co., ltd. has transitioned from an oem provider to a center for odm solutions, marking a significant evolution in our industry engagement.

the future trend of instant adhesives: extremely low odor and minimal blooming

since its establishment in 1994, cartell chemical has been dedicated to the technological advancement of adhesives. over the years, traditional ethyl-based adhesives with significant odor and blooming issues have been widely used in both consumer and industrial markets. however, the challenge of producing low-odor, low-blooming adhesives with cost-effective and efficient manufacturing processes has hindered their widespread adoption across all markets.

through our relentless efforts, our advanced manufacturing technology has enabled the development of diverse application products. methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives have been chosen by cartell chemical as a primary focus for development. these adhesives exhibit extremely low odor and minimal blooming, combined with flexibility, rapid curing, and high strength that are comparable to traditional ethyl adhesives, making them highly suitable for both consumer use and industrial applications.

methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives not only offer additional physical performance benefits but also provide a better user experience and environmental friendliness for operators. as a company registered under reach, cartell chemical adheres to european chemical regulations. today, we have introduced methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate adhesives that surpass traditional ethyl adhesives, opening a new horizon in the adhesive market.