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since 1994
there has been a dedicated focus on the adhesive industry.
providing optimal adhesive solutions across various industries,
cartell chemicals co., ltd. is your reliable partner for business success!
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since 1994
there has been a dedicated focus on the adhesive industry.
providing optimal adhesive solutions across various industries,
cartell chemicals co., ltd. is your reliable partner for business success!
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since 1994
there has been a dedicated focus on the adhesive industry.
providing optimal adhesive solutions across various industries,
cartell chemicals co., ltd. is your reliable partner for business success!
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cyanoacrylate adhesives

mxbon adhesive is a single-component, solvent-free bonding agent that effectively bonds within 5 to 10 seconds at room temperature, reaching 85% of final bonding strength within an hour. the adhesive shear strength can reach up to 4,500 psi. one small drop of mxbon adhesive per square inch can bond rubber, wood, metal, leather, ceramic materials, low-surface-energy plastic materials, and acidic or contaminated work surfaces.

anaerobic adhesives

mxbon offers a comprehensive range of anaerobic adhesive solutions for industrial assembly and maintenance. our threadlockers, retaining compounds, threaded pipe sealants, and gasket sealants are designed to secure and seal a wide array of components including metal screws, cylindrical parts, and pipe fittings. the formulations provide robust resistance to loosening from vibration or thermal changes, and withstand harsh chemicals, oils, and environmental stress. these adhesives simplify the manufacturing process by eliminating the need for mechanical locking devices, reducing production costs and maintenance while enhancing reliability and longevity of machinery. ideal for streamlining assembly lines, mxbon anaerobic adhesives ensure durable, high-strength bonding and sealing across various applications, making them a preferred choice for enhancing the safety and integrity of mechanical connections.

structural adhesives

mxbon acrylic structural adhesives were formulated to provide excellent mechanical resistance, including high shear strength, peel resistance and impact resistance, especially for metal bonding applications. mxbon acrylic structural adhesives are single compound with two-steps operation. pre-applied activator and no need to mix or allocate a specific ratio. quick fixture time for assembling parts at room temperature, and it provides a highly efficient, reliable and weather-resistant solution.

light cure adhesives

mxbon uv adhesive provides a fast curing solution with excellent bonding strength, which can meet the industrial assembly requirement, such as bonding, fixing, sealing, potting, and encapsulating of metal and plastic materials. light curing mechanism is convenient for assembly when alignment and positioning are required. mxbon uv adhesive can be used with the continuous automation dispenser to improve the productivity. the formula of mxbon uv adhesive won’t damage the plastic, and provides excellent impact and weather resistance.

primer accelerator activator

mxbon offers a comprehensive and professional range of mxbon branded primer, accelerators, and adhesive removers to ensure that our mxbon® adhesives achieve maximum performance and meet the diverse application needs of various industrial markets.

medcial device adhesives

from hospitals to clinics, long-term care institutions to home care medical products and equipment, mxbon adhesive products with iso 10993 medical certification can optimize the assembly process, improve product quality and efficiency. mxbon adhesive, with its meticulous design and superior product performance, reduces defects and waiting time in electronic products, improves productivity, ensures quality, and smooth production line operations.

model-specific adhesive series

the model-specific adhesive series is a specialized line of adhesives tailored for model building and crafting applications.
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automated industry

in the rapidly advancing field of industrial automation, the selection of the right adhesive is critical for maintaining peak efficiency and avoiding costly downtime. mxbon's range of anaerobic and structural adhesives offers unmatched reliability. these adhesives are specifically engineered to withstand high-stress conditions, temperature variations, and demanding operational timetables. choose mxbon to significantly enhance the performance and extend the service life of your automated machinery.

medical equipment

in the essential realm of medical equipment, the imperatives of safety and reliability stand above all. mxbon's adhesives, carrying the prestigious iso 10993 certification, significantly bolster the safety and dependability of medical devices. surpassing international medical standards, our adhesives ensure superior patient safety and heightened device functionality. choose mxbon as your partner in forging medical device solutions with a profound impact

hardware tools

in the domain of hardware tools, durability is the cornerstone. mxbon's cyanoacrylate adhesives transcend traditional bonding roles, serving as fortifications for your equipment. engineered for enduring heavy-duty use, our adhesives endow your tools with unmatched toughness. with their superior impact, peel strength, and formidable chemical resistance, mxbon's adhesives significantly prolong the lifespan of your tools while enhancing their performance and diminishing the need for frequent upkeep


mxbon is driving innovation in automobile manufacturing with its sophisticated range of anaerobic and structural adhesives. engineered for resilient bonding, these adhesives significantly enhance vehicle longevity. mxbon's solutions extend from securing interior and exterior components to robust under-the-hood applications, ensuring elevated performance, superior safety, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. embark with mxbon on the journey towards more sustainable and advanced automotive engineering

wearable device

wearable devices require a delicate balance between durability and comfort. mxbon adhesives offer a flexible and resilient bond that is kind to the skin. moreover, our low-odor and low-blooming adhesives ensure a durable and flexible adhesion, which is crucial for the comfort, aesthetic, and lifespan of wearable devices.

outdoor sports

outdoor sport equipment is engineered to withstand a vast array of demanding conditions. mxbon's cyanoacrylate adhesives are designed to conquer the elements with resilience. built to be weather-resistant and durable, these adhesives ensure that your gear can tackle the most severe environments, from scorching heat to sub-zero cold, from high-impact activity to consistent wear and tear. elevate your athletic prowess with mxbon-enhanced equipment, and surpass your limits

home appliances

mxbon fortifies the heart of your home, ensuring it beats with enduring strength. our elite range of adhesives, from the low-odor and minimal-blooming methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate to our versatile and heat-resistant cyanoacrylate formulations, provide robust bonds crafted to defy the extremes of temperature, humidity, and the test of time. enjoy the serenity and enhanced value that comes with home appliances whose longevity and performance are amplified by mxbon's dependable adhesives


for the diy aficionado, mxbon presents its low-odor and low-blooming adhesive, alongside a versatile general-purpose ca, ideally suited for handmade crafts. these user-friendly adhesives ensure robust and reliable bonds while their distinctive formulations markedly diminish the nuisance of odors and blooming effects, thus preserving the beauty of your creations. mxbon empowers crafters to seamlessly bring their imaginative visions to life

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