cartell chemical co., ltd. celebrates end-凯发备用

cartell chemical co., ltd. grandly hosted its annual year-end party on january 20, 2024 (saturday), at the auditorium of synergy middle school in chiayi city. the event, marked by a vibrant atmosphere and attendance of dignitaries from various sectors, became the company’s significant corporate celebration of the year.

the event hosted 45 tables, gathering influential figures from diverse industries. attendees included the mayor of chiayi city, huang min-hui, representatives from the business, police, and education sectors, and colleagues from the company’s branches in the usa, spain, india, and thailand. their presence not only enhanced the event’s splendor but also reflected cartell chemical’s influence and solid relationships across different fields and nations.

in his speech, chairman chen fang-bin reviewed the company’s industry-leading performance in 2023, achieving an impressive turnover of 2.5 billion, and expressed hope for continued collaboration and success in 2024. his words inspired every employee present, further strengthening the company’s cohesion and corporate identity.

the party reached its climax with a fabulous performance by a live band and an exciting raffle hosted by chairman chen. these entertaining segments provided a delightful afternoon for the guests and employees, creating unforgettable memories.

this year-end party not only demonstrated cartell chemical co., ltd.’s corporate strength but also highlighted its commitment to employee welfare. the company strives to create a harmonious and joyful working environment for its employees while actively engaging in social welfare, playing the role of a responsible corporate citizen.

chairman chen fang-bin’s inspiring speech uplifted the spirits of the company’s employees
the event venue was packed, showcasing strong employee participation
energetic interactions between chairman chen and the employees, demonstrating strong team unity
the live band’s performance brought the party atmosphere to its peak
a group photo of the company’s employees captured the memorable event